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2009-06-25 21:18:50 by super6nacho

long live mj...........we'll always remember you.........for raping little kids

This china stuff.....

2009-04-01 21:06:59 by super6nacho

I mean really? China? Tom, you r quite the creative man

The film contains a number of adult themes, such as:

The Cat begins to explain to the children where babies come from before being cut off by Conrad.

The Cat sings a song about a cat back home where he was bred who never listened to his mother and was finally taken to a vet and was neutered. He sings the line as " cut off both his ba... ba... ba..." and cuts off by saying "Boy!". (In a deleted verse, which is included on the film's soundtrack, the Cat sang about a know-it-all cat who liked to be the "teacher's pet" and sings the line " took a ton of TNT to kill the bug up her a...a...a..." and cuts off by saying "Ask me...".)

When Lawrence is at home relaxing on the pile of messes, on TV, he is watching what appears to be a stripper dancing until the TV is repossessed.

When the Cat spots the photo of Joan he unfurls it centerfold-style, gets excited saying "hubbata hubbata" and his hat extends. It is revealed in a deleted scene that the photo of Joan featured her in her underwear.

When the Cat cuts his tail off he yells out "SON OF A BI..." before it's bleeped out and the broadcast is terminated, followed by a cat on a rope with a whistle version of "The Girl from Ipanema".

After the Cat unsuccessfully tries to capture Nevins he 'talks' to the hoe he is holding, calling it a "dirty hoe" and then apologizing with "I'm sorry baby, I love you", finally proceeding to lick it.

The acronym of the Cat's car's former name is S.H.I.T. (Super Hydralic Instantaneous Transporter) which Conrad is about to say before the Cat cuts him off, saying "Oh! Quick to the SLOW!"

just goes to show how great our childhood was....

my xbox broke

2008-11-24 15:59:40 by super6nacho

the poor little guy broke from the r.r.o.d and now its in repair :(


2008-11-04 15:43:10 by super6nacho

okay so i got an arcade but i need the inernet connection cable and a head set plus the only game i goning to get and have is gears 2, so just wait one more month if u wish to play me online. My gamertag will be Super6nacho.

I GOT AN XBOX 360!!!

2008-10-28 17:59:39 by super6nacho

now ill stop complaining a bout caslte crashers not being on the playstion network :)


2008-08-29 14:04:21 by super6nacho

HEY TOM FULP ARE YOU READING THIS CUZ THS IS FOR YOU!? Anyways I do not own an XBOX 360 i have a PS3 and WII. I do not want a 360 because I dont want to get the red ring and have to spend thousands of dollars on fixing it and I dont want to buy games that I can get on my PC for free (pirate bay) next year! So I refuse to get a 360 BUT I really REALLLLY want CASTLE CRASHERS...... SOOO WONT YOU PLEASE PORT THE CODE TO PSN NETWORK PPPPLLLEAASSEEEEE!!!!?!??!?!?! COME ON!!!!!! I DONT HAVE ANY OF YOUR GAMES CUZ THERE ALL ON XBOX LIVE ARCADE!!!!!!! PLEASE TOM!!!!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!
p.s. please make all of your next games multiple systems, PLLLEAASE!!!!!


2008-06-28 12:10:03 by super6nacho

the world sucks